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Start Your Career with Our Leadership Development Program for College Graduates

The training, development, and ultimate success of an elite data and analytics consultant does not happen by accident. Recruiting and hiring the most talented candidates is a nice start, but unfortunately, that’s where most consultancies end the development process.

Clarity understands that even the best of the best need training. They need mentors. They need support. They need a long-term approach that focuses on continual improvement and guidance, not just a two-week initiation conducted by people who have never implemented a complex client solution.

Clarity’s focus is on growing its future leadership from within its own ranks, and to support this mission it invests in a comprehensive Leadership Development Program, designed to turn those with math, engineering and analytics backgrounds and mindsets into big data thought leaders via the most complete training and development program in the industry.

The Leadership Development Program provides:

  • Opportunity: Associate consultants work with and learn from the top-tier leaders in the data and analytics industry, and our shadow programs allow for real client experience.
  • Mentorship: Consultants are teamed with, and continually mentored by senior-level team members who have executed Global 1000 client engagements.
  • Development: Starting with a three-week training program and then transitioning into a continuous education process enhances skill development over time.
  • Culture: Clarity’s small company culture encourages those in the Leadership Development Program to participate in networking events, philanthropy opportunities and Clarity Connect social activities.
  • Rewards: Not only does the Leadership Development Program provide the best training and development in the industry, but it also offers candidates competitive compensation, bonus and benefits plans.

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Clarity Solution Group is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We believe in treating each employee and applicant for employment fairly and with dignity.


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