Roadmap Guides Way to Improved Performance and Safety

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Clarity enabled the start-up and long-term growth and success of this client’s vision to use sensor data to improve safety and profitability by designing a scalable roadmap and architecture to guide the way.


This contract drilling company needed to differentiate itself by becoming a “one-stop data shop” for it customers – oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Gulf of Mexico and South America. It sought to provide data products that predict maintenance issues, improve safety and drive down overall well cycle times by combining sensor data from rigs with other data, but it lacked the infrastructure and know-how to execute its vision.


Clarity worked with the client to define use cases and design future capabilities based on a Apache™ Hadoop® architecture that will support scaling of its sensor-data infrastructure. Clarity created a roadmap to help the client navigate the tools, skills and projects that are required to meet objectives, solving for current and future issues with streaming large volumes of data.


  • Query historical one-second data with ease
  • Support multiple information streams becoming the single source for drilling reporting
  • Investigate predictive analytics to make drilling processes safer and faster

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