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Clarity is Power

This is the sign You've been looking for - lit up sign. Clarity is power.

And consistency is a superpower!

Neeraj Shah, Wayfair CEO, was quoted as sharing those sentiments.

Perhaps nowhere are these statements likely truer than in the business world. Clarity about where the business stands at this very moment (or, where it starts) and clarity about the vision for where the business is headed, maps a clear blueprint for success. In other words, know where you are and know where you are going. That clarity provides clear direction. In the marketplace, however, transformative success specifically requires businesses have clear insights to know their customer, their competition, and their brand with great clarity. Doing so proves powerful, impacting the bottom-line.

For a business to achieve transformative success it must be relentless in leveraging clear insights about the business’s customer, competition, and brand. Employment of radical discipline helps ensure success. What it boils down to is consistency. A business must consistently empower its people to be curious about the customer, to be discoverers about the competition (and the marketplace), and to be truth-tellers when sharing the company’s brand story to authentically and effectively differentiate the business. Doing so consistently makes it even more powerful. It becomes a superpower.

Underlying both clarity and consistency is the impact of clear insights – finding them, and then leveraging them ferociously in the organization because they represent the path to greater clarity.  

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