Industry Insights, Client Focus

It could go without saying, but it won’t: industry insights are critical for client focus, just as expertise is essential for optimal client service. Sure, we can conduct research, deliver insights, and develop marketing strategies for just about any industry, but we have built our knowledge, understanding, and credibility in a few key areas, and that lends extra value and confidence to every client project. It gives us a stronger context and a bigger head start when we set out to help our customers deliver with impact.

Agency & Consultancy Insights

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Primary Industries Served

Agency/Consulting Industry Insights

Creative agencies serve clients across B2C and B2B. When client requests go beyond their scope of services, they frequently partner with other firms to deliver the full scope of the project seamlessly. We work with many agencies, supporting creative projects with custom elements including:

  • Research Analysis & Insights
  • Branding & Marketing Strategies

B2B Firms

From strategic planning to lead generation to customer experience, B2B firms depend heavily on research and insights to inform their investments, activities, and communications. Our frequent focus on consumers does not stop us from serving B2B clients with essential insights for foundational efforts like:

  • Value Prop & Positioning
  • Targeting & Segmentation

Consumer Products Manufacturers

CPG and consumer durables manufacturers rely on consumer and shopper insights to guide their choices across every stage of the product lifecycle. There’s just too much at stake to guess what they want and need, or how they buy. For example, insights impact:

  • Product Development
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Brand Activation
  • Awareness, Preference & Loyalty

Consumer Services Industry Insights

Today’s consumers waste no time reporting on their experiences and rely heavily on reviews to help them select providers of the services they use. Enhancing the experience and avoiding surprises depends on understanding elements like:

  • Service Delivery/Design
  • Customer Service & Feedback
  • Online Ratings & Reviews
  • Referrals


From grassroots efforts to established organizations, nonprofits must prioritize and justify every dollar spent. ROI can be a survival mechanism, and there is a world of competition for funds. Beyond marketing and branding, nonprofits have additional research needs to support core elements, including:

  • Fundraising & Development Support
  • Mission, Vision & Value Positioning

Client Success Stories & Examples

The work we do with our clients is fundamental to their business and their success. We are proud to have served many great brands and businesses over the years. Often, the work we do is confidential to our clients, but we have some great stories to tell. Look at representative success stories, and we will continue to add more as we are able.

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