Marketing Insights: Support Strategic Planning & Action

Our extensive experience in conducting and analyzing customer and other research provides a wealth of data.  That means we have an equally valuable wealth of up-to-date marketing insights to share and apply to solving your business challenges, identifying opportunities, and driving growth.

Different audiences consume insights in different ways. From pages and posts to web meetings and the podium, we offer various ways to learn and varying levels of depth to meet your needs.

Client Success Stories

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

Agency & Consultancy Insights

With more than 10 years of experience working with and for agencies and consultancies, we have developed close working relationships and a wealth of knowledge about how they go to market. That means we understand how to support their business, from periodic or ongoing market assessments to tailored strategies for business development and client acquisition. Our custom research goes a step further to drive growth through insights.

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Business (B2B) Marketing Insights

Marketing insights for businesses serve two separate and important functions. They can help shape the strategic priorities of the company, including identifying target markets, expansion planning, product development, etc. They also form the basis of how those businesses go to market, shape their messaging, find and engage with customers, understand the voice of their customers, collect and act on feedback, and manage their pipeline and accounts.

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Consumer (B2C) Marketing Insights

Years of research and analysis focused on consumer preferences and behavior in support of direct and agency client campaigns means we have a wealth of insights to share. From generational differences to the purchase path, we can offer valuable perspectives and helpful trends. Common areas of interest include pandemic-related shopping trends, decoding Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and how to leverage social issues to foster your brand.

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Custom Research Insights

Learn more about how we conduct custom research in support of our client’s business growth and marketing initiatives. We lean on a blend of traditional and new research methodologies tailored to your goals and needs, designed to deliver insights that impact strategic efforts as well as execution. Our projects are highly collaborative and always strategic, helping our clients dig deeper for true clarity, vision, and precision.

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