B2C Insights

Consumer markets are the focus of retailers, packaged goods, appliances, electronics, automotive, apparel, services, and other consumer industry verticals. These businesses and the agencies that serve them require consumer insights to optimize product development, pricing strategy, delivery channels, and promotional activities.

We help our agency and corporate clients better understand and engage with their target consumer markets. We help them identify new product and service opportunities, build more effective marketing and branding strategies, and execute with precision and resonance.

Methodologies for Generating Consumer Market Insights

Many of the same techniques apply to both B2C and B2B. The difference is often in the scope, scale, and goals of the research. For example:

Research & Analysis for Consumer Insight Development

Unlike B2B organizations that can be challenged to find a large enough sample to generate statistical significance for segmentation, consumer market survey panels are sufficiently large enough to produce big data to parse and analyze. That means we can look at the market through many lenses, from generational to geographic to lifestyle. For example, over the past 10-plus years, we’ve produced a vast and valuable collection of consumer market insights specific to the younger Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Branding & Marketing Strategy

When it’s time to apply the consumer market insights to branding and marketing strategy, the same principles apply. Insights inform the direction at every step:

  1. Start with the purpose of your business, brand, product, and service
  2. Identify primary market segments and prioritize target markets
  3. Develop your value proposition based on consumer value
  4. Build your promotional marketing and engagement communications strategies

B2C Insight Discussion

A tailored conversation is always more relevant than a discussion based on general consumer insights. We would be happy to talk through some sample B2C insights projects with you and answer questions about things like research methodologies, nuanced insights, resulting campaigns, and what the marketing and branding strategy development process involves.

Contact us to get the conversation started.

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