Gaining Brand Awareness Insights & Customer Sentiment

Brand awareness and customer sentiment research give organizations important clues as to how they and their efforts are perceived in the marketplace. It enables organizations to assess their market position relative to the competition, uncover new opportunities, prioritize, plan key audience messaging, and serve their customers more of what they want and need.

Branding research helps answer many questions, such as: Are marketing messages breaking through and resonating? Is the company delivering on its promises? Which efforts, channels, and brands are most important to target audiences?

Brand Insight Examples

We uncover many varieties of essential brand insights for our clients, for example:

Brand Awareness & Perceptions

We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research to understand what consumers know and think about your brand. Are you top of mind? Do they see you in the right competitive set? We all know that perception is reality, especially when speaking of brands. Do customers view your brand as you intend to represent it? Does it mean the same things to them as it does to you? Insights on brand awareness can deliver powerful guidance for companies seeking to increase market share and/or improve loyalty.

Customer Sentiment

customer-sentimentDo customers have positive or negative feelings about your brand? Knowing the leanings of customer sentiment can be tricky. It requires extensive analysis of structured and unstructured data and can be very nuanced. We can help you determine which factors are contributing most to positive or negative sentiment, and we can even help identify variances in sentiment by customer group. This kind of information and insight helps our clients pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and prioritize action.

Other Brand Awareness Elements

From Brand Audits to Net Promoter Score (NPS) and even Social Listening, we help our clients discover how their customers are relating to their brands. We often use multiple methodologies together, analyzing complex data to reveal valuable insights and clarity.

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