Consumer Insights & Shopper Marketing

We conduct custom research to garner impactful consumer insights and shopper insights through a variety of digital and traditional research methodologies. With a method-agnostic approach to insight discovery, we select the optimal method, or even a mix of methods, to best meet each client’s needs.

Consumer Target Market Insights

Many agencies and consultancies serve CPG and Consumer Services companies that depend on research to provide consumer target insights that then can drive everything from product offerings to branding strategies and communications channels to new market growth.

Getting valuable insights starts with the right consumer targets and a significant research panel that reflects your target market. No matter what customer segments you serve, we help you identify who to ask to get the most valuable target market insights for your business.

Shopper Insights

A subset of your targeted consumer base, shoppers are those who are on a purchase path, whether for your products or for your competition. Research that uncovers shopper insights is highly behavior-based and ethnographic. It is true fieldwork, and it can influence everything from packaging to merchandising to point-of-purchase offers, service levels, and experience.

Custom Research

The most valuable insights are those that come from your specific target consumers and relate to your specific marketplace. We design your research study from scratch, based on the objectives you need to meet, within your timing and budget constraints. Experience has shown us that we must design and facilitate smarter and faster research in a strategic effort to be efficient, effective, and deliver significant client value. In-person and online research methodologies include:

  • social media research,
  • qualitative studies (e.g. unstructured customer comments, focus groups, interviews, ethnography, mystery shopping, trend analysis)
  • quantitative methodologies (e.g. various forms of survey research, interviews, polls)

Other Research & Target Insights Services Offered

  • Brand Insights & Awareness
  • Customer Experience Insights
  • Corporate Culture Insights
  • Research Analysis & Recommendations

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