Data Science: go from good to great.

All organizations gather data. But there’s a key difference between successful companies and underperforming ones. Great companies understand their data within the context of their business, and they use it to deepen insights and drive smarter decision-making.

Great companies turn to Clarity.

Our expertise in advanced data science, along with our proven ability to turn insights into revenue, allow us to craft specific solutions to address the unique challenges that your business faces. We leverage innovative techniques such as AI modeling, machine learning, robust scenario planning, and predictive modeling to understand your needs, identify risks and opportunities, and recommend actions and potential outcomes.
Clarity’s full lifecycle data science solutions will reduce costs, minimize risks, optimize processes, and deliver major competitive advantages for your company.

What we do


Models and Analytics

We create data models and analytics that support customer retention, multi-channel customer acquisition and multi-channel marketing performance measurement (allocation and market mix optimization).

Entity resolution

We use machine-learning techniques to reconcile customers and entities within and across disparate enterprise and third-party databases.



Business Optimization

We implement solutions optimized for your business needs and constraints that reduce cost or increase efficiency. Examples include supply chain/distribution optimization, process improvement for manufacturing or production, and continuous optimization of manufacturing processes.

Automation Through Machine Learning

We leverage machine learning and AI to automate labor-intensive, repetitive and error-prone processes.

Machine learning

Data Science Case Studies



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