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Clarity helps organizations achieve consensus on a vision and a roadmap for enterprise information management — one that aligns programs with business needs, prioritizes projects based on value and achievability, and defines a high-level architecture. A significant investment and hard work up-front are crucial for IT to deliver what the business expects, and drive positive and measurable business results.

Sustainable business results begin with a solid foundation. Our consultants work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy and roadmap that ensure continuous improvement along the way. If you’re not sure where to start, are planning a new initiative, considering a technology purchase, or simply wanting to validate your existing long-term plan, Clarity has the expertise and resources to help.

Our Information Strategy services cover:

Data Strategy and Roadmap
We help you identify the right data and technology investments and determine the best approach for implementing new enabling tools for informed decision-making. Our consultants take the time to fully understand your business, legacy systems, current projects, plans and budgets. We then develop a rock-solid strategy so everyone in your organization can get the most out of your data. We follow with the development of a comprehensive plan to build your analytic foundation and define how your organization can leverage this platform to gain measurable business benefits.

Program Management
When your organization embarks on a major initiative that involves data and technology, cohesive program management is critical. Our certified project managers have the experience to not only direct multiple projects across different departments, but to streamline workflows, avoid duplicate efforts, and minimize potential pitfalls that could impact your existing systems.

Capability Maturity Assessment
Are you about to embark on an important initiative? We can help you determine where you are in the capability maturity lifecycle so you’re ready with the right people, processes and technologies to be successful. We assess and address your strengths and weaknesses, make process changes and help you address issues head-on so you reduce risk, cost overages and missed milestones.

Technology Selection and Fit
Investing in the wrong technology can cost you more than money: It can stall critical projects and result in lost revenue and competitive advantage. We partner with technology leaders to deliver enterprise-class solutions that are sustainable and extensible over time. Always mindful of your legacy technologies and constraints, our technology consultants will help you choose the right solutions to fit your requirements and your budget.

Client Success with Clarity’s Information Strategy Services

  • Solution Provides Health Insurer Improved Data Security - BUSINESS CHALLENGE After major data breaches at other firms, this large health insurance provider sought to minimize use and exposure of personal identification data. APPROACH Clarity designed a solution to solve design vulnerabilities and mitigate risks from an outside breach....
  • Turning Likes Into Ad Revenue - BUSINESS CHALLENGE One of the largest data-consuming companies in the world needed faster insights from its tsunami of consumer and advertising data. APPROACH A big data instance, advanced analytics and a small team working in an agile manner. OUTCOME Our...
  • Multi-Year Strategy Aligns to Analytic Priorities - The Challenge: This large personal and business insurance client engaged Clarity on an enterprise-wide business-transformation initiative to replace core policy administration and billing systems, while expanding and evolving its Business Intelligence (BI) environment to enable true business analytics capabilities. The...
  • Enterprise Initiative Builds Analytics Capabilities - The Challenge: This major health insurance client was working on a major enterprise initiative to build its data warehouse and analytic delivery capabilities. The first phase included a strategic project roadmap that identified business priorities and recommendations for the program. ...
It’s amazing how many of them can write complex code and queries and two minutes later jump on the phone and have a sound trade-off discussion with the business about requirements.
- Sr. Director, Business Intelligence