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Create a Single View of Customers and Products

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date “gold standard” view of customers and products is a must-have for efficient operations (marketing, fulfillment, service, et al) and effective analytics.  In a complex enterprise this is no simple feat: It requires specialized processes and technologies implemented within and across your enterprise systems and business units to have true master data management.

Our Master Data Management services cover:

  • Strategy and road-mapping
  • Vendor selection
  • Organization and governance
  • Platform assessment
  • Operational and analytics development
  • Centers of excellence

Client Success with Clarity’s Master Data Management Services

  • Transforming to a Customer-Centric Business Model - The Challenge: This Life and Annuities client was challenged to transform from a price/product model to a customer-centric model to better serve both customers and agents. The Solution: Clarity partnered with this client to design and implement a program to...
  • Governance Supports Single View of Customer - The Challenge: As a result of mergers, multiple systems implementations, and a lack of IT governance, this client found itself with redundant, inconsistent, and incomplete customer data and supporting processes. The Solution: The client turned to Clarity Solution Group (CSG)...
It’s a very personal organization… not like a [large IT company] … It feels like they have a vested interest in our success.
- Head of Enterprise Business Intelligence