Helping Healthcare Companies Adapt to Change
Using Data and Analytics

“The healthcare industry has undergone tremendous change due to a series of regulatory changes over the last couple of years. As a result, healthcare companies need to build business agility as a core competency to respond to these changes. Leveraging data and analytics as the basis for making fact-based decisions will be instrumental to succeeding in the future.”
linkedin-sm2Neil Huse
Partner, Healthcare

Problems We Solve

Customer Engagement

With the introduction of health insurance exchanges and individual markets, health plans can no longer afford to have a passive relationship with consumers. Customer engagement is no longer imperative for retailers and consumer brands alone. It is time for the health-insurance industry to examine the benefits of engaging in more meaningful relationships with their members.

Data Breach Mitigation

The risk of being the target of a malicious data breach is higher than ever before. Given Clarity’s extensive background in Healthcare coupled with our deep expertise in analytics, Clarity serves as a perfect strategic partner to plan a roadmap to assess and mitigate any of the data storage design and user access faults that can lead to problems in the event of a breach.

Master Data Management

Member & Provider MDM

Companies that have implemented Provider Master Data Management continue to realize significant benefits. Most Healthcare organizations are somewhere on the MDM maturity curve.

Healthcare Analytics

Clarity’s Rapid Business Insights solution enables actionable insights and provides a sustainable structure and process to conduct business use case analysis and prioritization and establish direction that manages data as a corporate asset. The analytics use cases below are specific examples of where Clarity has enabled Rapid Business Insights for Healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Information Strategy

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the advent of Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIE), the introduction of new provider models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and the transition to a more member-centric relationship model, Healthcare Payers and Providers face seismic changes in their business models.

Population Health Management

With the Department of Health and Human Services’ recent decision to tie 90 percent of Medicare payments to value-based models by 2018, healthcare organizations need to move even faster over the next few years streamlining their population health management processes. Clarity’s Population Health Management solution allows healthcare consumers needs to become more aware of and involved in their own care. Improving population health starts with improving individual engagement.

Population Healthcare Management

Healthcare and Life Sciences Case Studies

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