Know What Consumers Are Paying Attention To

Increase Ad Revenue, Access Emerging Technologies & Improve Customer Experience

Advanced Consumer Engagement

Provide 720 degree view into customer preferences, buyer behavior, historical transactions and interaction with social media.

Advertising Analytics

Leverage that information to enhance revenue stream from external advertisers.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Enhance customer relationship through better understanding customer interactions.

Mobile Data Analytics

Integrate mobile device data and content data to improve the customer journey and purchase experience in ways new market disruptors cannot.

Multi-platform consumption of digital content is growing and over-the-top (OTT) content is reducing the need for traditional video service. For consumers, it’s all about them: They want a more a personalized experience, stellar service level and competitive pricing. Your partners and advertisers want to understand what they can do to gain mind share and stretch their investments. You need clear insights and the wherewithal to leverage modern data and analytics solutions to solve these challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn More About Our Clients’ Success

  • Cable Company Sparks Ad Revenue with Apache™ Hadoop® & Spark® BUSINESS CHALLENGE This cable company sought to improve insights delivered to its media sales team to improve advertising revenue and other key areas through leverage of their Audience Measurement (AM) platform. APPROACH Clarity architected and built the new solution with…
  • Turning Likes Into Ad Revenue BUSINESS CHALLENGE One of the largest data-consuming companies in the world needed faster insights from its tsunami of consumer and advertising data. APPROACH A big data instance, advanced analytics and a small team working in an agile manner. OUTCOME Our…
  • social_media2 Data Giant Builds Future-State Platform Clarity helped the world’s largest social media company find a better solution for its Apache™ Hadoop® / Hive® instance, which had become too cumbersome and slow for even experienced users. Clarity recommended and implemented a future-state platform and continues to provide…
  • New System Tracks Equipment Lifecycle and ROI The Challenge: This communications company wanted to create a foundation of equipment data that was reliable, accurate and timely in order to facilitate the optimization of the total hardware investment, identify non-compliant equipment, equipment tracking from “cradle to grave”, and return on capital investment

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