The Internet of Things Is Changing Everything

Leverage a Whole New Segment of Data with IoT Analytics

Big Data

Managing exponential growth of machine data and integrating it with enterprise data to find operational improvements

Advanced Analytics

Building real-time, proactive analytics to improve your supply chain.

Data Visualization

Scaling infrastructure to ingest the volume and velocity of data so you can visualize the value of your IoT sensor data.

Digital Strategy

Embracing innovative strategies, product development and omni-channel approach to generate new revenue streams, profitable customer acquisition and loyalty.

We are helping companies leverage a whole new segment of data to give them insights they never had before. IoT analytics could bring advances in your quality assurance, preventative and predictive maintenance, supply chain efficiency, safety improvements, and overall performance by leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). When sensors embedded in devices have a digital nervous system, they can transmit sensor data to each other and across the Internet. Sensor data can be combined with other devices, people and systems so you can make better decisions that previously were impossible. Clarity focuses on helping you understand the value of IoT by enabling capabilities that can provide a competitive edge in your industry.

Learn More About Our Clients’ Success

  • oilrig Roadmap Guides Way to Improved Performance and Safety Clarity enabled the start-up and long-term growth and success of this client’s vision to use sensor data to improve safety and profitability by designing a scalable roadmap and architecture to guide the way. Challenge This contract drilling company needed to…
  • Visualization Solution Key to Tracking Materials Through Manufacturing Process The Challenge: This energy company was using a complicated reporting tool and lacked the internal resources to effectively leverage it.  In addition, individual departments wanted to own their own analytic dashboards instead of relying on IT to translate their requirements….
  • Leveraging Sensor Data to Improve Performance and Safety The Challenge: Client wants to be a ‘one-stop-data-shop’ for its customers but face challenges in scaling their infrastructure to support the growth of their sensor data. Client would also like to integrate sensor with other internal data to predict maintenance issues,…
  • Improve Performance with Advanced Analytics The Challenge: In a hyper-competitive global market, this integrated steelmaker sought methods to leverage the Internet of Things, in particular sensor data, to build competitive differentiation, achieve faster time to market and optimize performance yet lacked internal resources to build…

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