Get the Power of Customer Experience Management

Increase Consumer Satisfaction & Retention Through Analytics


Provide 720 degree view into customer preferences, buyer behavior, historical transactions and interaction with social media.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Increase multi-channel and trade promotion effectiveness while driving down costs.

Mobile Data Analytics

Integrate mobile device data and analytics to improve in-store and purchase experience.

Digital Strategy

Embrace innovative strategies, product development and omni-channel approach to generate new revenue streams, profitable customer acquisition and loyalty.

Merging social & enterprise data can maximize the value of your existing direct marketing architecture to achieve maximum campaign ROI. Consumer insight drives brand positioning, pricing, product and service offerings, and consumer experience execution. Personalized consumer engagement leads to new consumers, new revenues and improved margins. The companies with the most complete understanding of their consumers gain the greatest business transformation.  Our Clarity team provides industry-specific expertise in navigating these options.

Learn More About Our Clients’ Success

  • Platform Migration Leads to Rapid Results The Challenge This online discount company wanted to expand its analytics capability by transferring an existing and legacy data warehouse platform that was ‘in the cloud’ to ‘in-house’. The Solution Clarity provided global advisory and development support for the analytics…
  • Fulfillment Analytics Provides Consistency The Challenge: This client owns and operates order fulfillment centers for hundreds of third party client-brands through multiple warehouses, platforms and order warehouse management systems. The client needed a centralized ETL tool and reporting system to provide consistency over multiple…
  • Retailer Improves Financial Performance Through Information Delivery Enhancements The Challenge: One of the world’s largest retailers, with 1.2 million employees and $405 billion in annual sales, was charged with improving store efficiency and store experience for customers but was unable to quantify current conditions accurately. Multiple data sources,…
  • Analytic Effort Drives Increased Revenue The Challenge: This large restaurant chain wanted to determine if predictive analytics could be used in real-time to deliver cross-sell / upsell suggestions to customers to drive greater profitability per transaction The Solution: Using a specific set of restaurants for…

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