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How to Use Principles of Perception to Improve Communication

What differentiates a graph where you can easily learn something from one where it’s hard? Knowing how the human mind processes, retains, and learns from visual information is critical to communication effectiveness. The key to doing this starts with understanding...

Vertica ETL Tips & Tricks

HP Vertica has been growing its presence rapidly in the last few years and many companies have already started placing it as part of the BI infrastructure along with their Hadoop stacks. I was fortunate to work on a project...

Clarity Solution Group Appoints Mark Lewis as First Chief Marketing Officer

Chicago, IL – March 7, 2016 –Clarity Solution Group, the largest independent US consulting company focused exclusively on big data and analytics, today announced the appointment of Mark Lewis as their first Chief Marketing Officer. Lewis will focus on growing the company’s brand in line with Clarity’s vision of maximizing the business value of data in the...

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