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It’s much more fun to build algorithms and test new lines of code when surrounded by the best talent in data and analytics today. Whether it’s data integration, data presentation or data analysis: we handle the biggest data projects for the biggest brands.

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Consumer720 behavioral targeting services

Clarity’s Behavioral Targeting Solution Cited in Forrester Report

Improving marketing effectiveness and efficiency is the holy grail of marketing. That is because with so many factors influencing consumer behavior it is hard to account for all (or even many) of them. Affinity is clearly an area where data can...

451 Research Initiates Coverage of Clarity Solution Group

How a Niche Firm Is Disrupting Traditional Consulting While many mid-size consulting firms are struggling to differentiate themselves in the buzzing world of Big Data analytics, 451 Research, a preeminent information technology research and advisory company, highlights Clarity Solution Group...

Driving Business Clarity For Your Information Capability

Data architecture is something usually only talked about within the IT part of an organization.  But, mission critical business information capabilities and assets should also be understandable to your business organization. Effective use and governance of such assets requires the...

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