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Enhanced Visualizations with Pre-Attentive Processing Emergent Features

The goal of data visualization is to allow decision makers to process information and analytics visually, enabling them to better grasp more complex information or identify new patterns in their data. But, not all visualizations are successful at doing that. How...

Clarity Sponsors March of Dimes Walk in Philadelphia

Clarity Solution Group showed its support for the March of Dimes Annual March for Babies by sponsoring this year’s walk in Philadelphia, PA. March for Babies celebrates healthy babies as well as those who need support to become healthy and thrive....

Analysis from Empire Startups’ Fintech Event in NY Earlier this Week

    From Earlier this week on Tuesday, New York-based Empire Startups closed the Nasdaq by ringing the closing bell, and the next morning they hosted a fintech conference at Webster Hall and Finance Magnates reported live from the...

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