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Clarity is power, and consistency is a superpower.

We Consistently Convert Curiosity To Clarity.

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We Consistently Convert Curiosity To Clarity

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We invest in our prospects and clients by devoting more time and expertise to understanding you and your business. We are committed to your success as well as to the success of your business. Fundamentally, we invest our time and expertise in two ways.

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We invest in your business’s success by significantly enhancing the research’s financial impact.

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We invest in your success by helping you to elevate your profile with internal stakeholders.

CLARITY is a research ally that will invest early – even with prospective clients - well before we receive a return. Our investment of time and expertise is activated through multiple directed conversations.

The CLARITY Advantage Benefits You

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Simply Put, Our Approach Is Different, And Better.

We serve our prospects and our clients as a research ally, not as a research “partner”. And that difference is significant. It’s a better experience, with better communication, and resulting in a better outcome.

What does it really mean to be in a research alliance?

A research alliance means to unite to promote a common interest – where both client and research ally are successful. In a research alliance, both parties stand to benefit from the connection they share.

Research Ally For Research
And Strategy Development

When it comes specifically to research projects, the investment as a research ally lies primarily in the front-end (research development – what we call, “Insight Roadmap”) and back-end (strategy development t- what we call, “Strategy Portal”) of those projects. Briefly, . . .

Research Development
(Insight Roadmap)

Upfront clarity in designing the research: We clearly begin with the end in mind

CLARITY Research and Market Insights and Market Research Strategy Session
Marketing Clarity Score

Strategy Development
(Strategy Portal)

Backend clarity in analyzing, reporting, and presenting the research: We clearly close the gaps between research learning and effective strategy

There are clear roles that CLARITY can play for your benefit, and for the benefit of your business. They include as an idea incubator, an opportunity identifier, a category explorer, or an offering investigator.

The CLARITY Approach Can Be Used As . . .

CLARITY Approach to Market Insights and Research

There are clear roles that CLARITY can play for your benefit, and for the benefit of your business. They include as an idea incubator, an opportunity identifier, a category explorer, or an offering investigator.

The CLARITY Approach Can Be Used As . . .

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... An Idea Incubator

A rapidly growing, technology driven, retail start up gained inspiration for ideas from understanding what is important to their consumers and why.

Marketing Investment Icon Opportunity Identifier

A Fortune 500 CPG food manufacturer and marketer explored competitive solutions while looking for unmet consumer needs.

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…a Category Explorer

A Fortune 500 CPG company dug into the attitudes and product usage of a specific category. This information is influencing communication and product innovation.

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A Fortune 500 CPG company understood consumer interest in and expectations of 
offerings the company is planning to roll out.

Our Mission, Vision & Passion

CLARITY Research & Strategy is a marketing research and strategy consultancy specializing in strategic insights for business growth. The company primarily serves B2B and B2C clients through custom marketing research and related strategy development.

CLARITY Research and Strategy Session

Our Mission to Serve With Strategic Insights

Our mission is clear – to educate, inspire, and empower our clients by developing strategic insights and greater customer, competition, and company/brand clarity. We help clients identify opportunities to deepen understanding, expand or enhance services to their customers, improve the effectiveness of targeting and segmentation efforts, and optimize communications and engagement. We also help clients gather and strategically apply insights to their business and customer initiatives.

Our Vision To Deliver Strategic Insights

Our vision is to demystify essential market segments through strategic insights that enable our clients to better understand their markets and serve them with distinction so that the consumers, shoppers, customers, and professionals they serve will connect, engage, buy, experience, and champion their brands.

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Brand Culture Report

Our Passion For
Strategic Insights

Why do we do what we do? Strategic insights are at the core of marketing excellence. We crave our clients’ success and help deliver it through custom research, analysis, and strategy.

A Research Contender Delivering
Significant Business Impact

In Increasing Revenues, Market Share, And Profit Margin For Marketing and Researchers/Insight Professional Leaders