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Three Wise Monkeys

A blueprint for how to accomplish a Culture of Clarity so the business can achieve transformative success – in increasing revenues, market share, and profit margin for marketing and researchers/insight professional leaders.

Three Wise Monkeys Book


Three Wise Monkeys

A blueprint for how to accomplish a Culture of Clarity so the business can achieve transformative success – in increasing revenues, market share, and profit margin for marketing and researchers/insight professional leaders.

Dennis Devlin - Three Wise Monkeys Author

Three Wise Monkeys

How A Culture Of Clarity Creates Transformative Success (2022)

Establishing a business case for the need for insights, the book provides solutions and direction for activities related to each of the primary fears and challenges to create a Culture of Clarity in the organization, and to deliver transformative financial benefits.

Marketers and Researchers

Three Wise Monkeys Is About Advocating And Elevating

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Achieve Transformative Success

For a business to achieve transformative success through building a Culture of Clarity, it must be relentless in leveraging clear insights about the business’s customer, competition, and brand. Radical discipline helps ensure success. What it boils down to is consistency. A business must consistently empower its people to be curious about the customer, to be discoverers about the competition and the marketplace, and to be truth-tellers when sharing the company’s brand story to authentically and effectively differentiate the business. Doing so consistently makes it even more powerful.

Clarity is power, and consistency is a superpower.

Underlying both clarity and consistency is the impact of clear insights – finding them and then leveraging them in the organization because they represent the path to greater clarity.

“Three Wise Monkeys” is about creating a Culture of Clarity, as its subtitle highlights. The book provides a blueprint for how to accomplish that goal so the business can achieve transformative success – in increasing revenues, market share, and profit margin. However, at its most foundational, this book is about advocating and elevating the critical importance of research and insights in a business. Insights lead to direction which in turn leads to success. With great clarity and consistency, insights drive transformative success.
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Get clear so you can get customers, market share and profitability

Steve McCullough

Would you trust a surgeon who did no x-rays, MRI’s, other scans or tests before operating on you?

Would you trust a surgeon who did not understand the nature of the illness the surgery was to address?

Would you trust a surgeon who was inconsistent in applying the techniques learned in medical school for the specific body part and illness you have?

You wouldn’t. But we do this in business all the time. and this book makes it abundantly clear that we do so at the peril of revenue, profits and market share.

Three Wise Monkeys asserts that understanding your customers and competition are essential to being able to connect with, and communicate to, your market effectively. On the surface, this seems obvious, but as one looks at this more closely it becomes apparent that we often replace real and honest clarity with vague understanding, outdated assumptions, working theories, and strategies which are disconnected from the honest truth about the way things really are.

The Greek aphorism says “first, know thyself”. Misters Devlin and Jones make the case that in business it is equally important to know your customers and competition, and then speak with a voice consistent with that understanding. The parable of The Three Wise Monkeys is the perfect framework for laying this out in a simple and actionable plan. They walk you through the barriers you will encounter, the consequences for inaction and the real-world results that come from an investment in getting clear before saying a word.

This book is a clarion call for investing in clarity and the business insights it will bring. The world is moving fast these days, with customer attitudes and market realities changing more rapidly than ever. The winners will heed this book and implement a Culture of Clarity that is continually monitoring those changes and reacting more quickly and more honestly than the competition.

Redefining value

Charles M.

The authors propose that an organization has a “culture of clarity” when it is not only pervaded by the desire for truth but also a willingness to act on it. I found many points making me think about the organizations I’ve been in and my current affiliations. For example, this point got me thinking “Multiple research studies have seen a shift in how emerging generations define real value. A research study previously conducted by the co-authors of this book uncovered this insight as a significant characteristic of the Millennial generation and it seems to have remained, and possibly even grown, in subsequent generations.” Having been in market research (and not a Millennial), that quote gave me insight into the market today as well as the attitudes of my children. This was an insightful and interesting read!

Overcoming Innovation Killers Book

Overcoming the Innovation Killers

How to Innovate Products that Thrill Customers and Break Through the Chaotic Marketplace (2021)

The CLARITY approach to overcoming the innovation killers is specifically designed to create the clarity required to generate great ideas that meet the consumer’s real needs and can break through the chaos in the marketplace. Learn about overcoming the innovation killers by aligning therapeutic remedies to address them.

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