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Marketing Research and Analysis for Insight-Driven Strategy

Market Research, Market Insights, Market Strategy

Marketing Research and Analysis for Insight-Driven Strategy

Marketing Research, Market Research, Market Insights, Market Strategy
Insights from research and analysis are the foundation of target market understanding. Our clients depend on us to deliver the knowledge and clarity to build their customers into everything they plan and do. From the value proposition to the broader marketing strategy, insights are the key to unlocking truly on-target planning, tactics, and campaigns.
Beyond the marketing planning process, research and analysis also play a major role in other essential aspects of corporate management, like customer experience and employee engagement. It’s simply a different kind of target market understanding, and the starting point is almost always fundamental marketing research.
Marketing Research Analysis for Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing Research Analysis for Insight-Driven Marketing Strategy

You’ve built your business plan, fleshed out your brand, identified your target market, and solidified your value proposition relative to your targets. What’s next? Building out your marketing strategy to identify where and how you will promote, sell, deliver, and discuss your products or services.

Marketing Research

Marketing research and analysis can serve as your guide across all components of the marketing strategy. Understanding and planning around behavior and preferences (for example, where and how your target customers get their information, where they prefer to buy, and how they tend to interact with brands) can put you on course and keep your brand top of mind.

So, what kinds of inputs are most useful for marketing strategy development? We generate and analyze various types of research, including (but not limited to):

Qualitative Studies

Unstructured customer comments, focus groups, interviews, ethnography, mystery shopping, trend analysis

Quantitative Studies

Various forms of survey research, interviews, polls


Social media listening, A/B testing


Customer feedback, sales analysis, purchase behavior, channel data

Marketing Research Analysis Drives Marketing Strategy

Insights guide and influence every component of going to market, from channel strategy to communications across brand touchpoints. We help our clients determine the most useful combination of research techniques. We analyze the research results to elicit the insights that will best serve both the company and its customers.

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