Marketing Strategy and Insights for Growth

CLARITY Research & Strategy is a marketing and branding research and strategy consultancy. We believe that there can be no real strategy without insights. Our services span the scope of marketing and branding strategy, including the necessary inputs from research and insights, as well as the detailed work of mapping those insights to the brand and business strategy.

We serve agencies, consultancies, and other clients in the B2B space with insights for growth, including experience-related and brand-related insights. We also serve businesses with a B2C focus with deep consumer insights and an understanding of buyer preferences and behavior.

Armed with data-based insights, our clients can map out their plans for engagement, expansion, experience, and exceptional products and services.

How We Deliver Marketing and Branding Strategy

We use custom marketing and branding research to discover, harvest, and share clear insights into our clients’ customers. Through consumer and shopper-focused insights, marketing, and branding, we develop clear plans to reach, engage, and motivate our clients to grow and their consumers to act. We work closely with our clients to apply the right research methodology to generate valuable, actionable insights and translate them into a comprehensive strategy that will set the organization up for success and drive growth.

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Agency & Consultancy Insights

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Key Areas of Expertise & Services Offered

Marketing & Branding Strategy

A savvy, customer-centric marketing and branding strategy fueled by insights drives engagement, builds loyalty, and sets the stage for sustainable growth. We take a highly collaborative approach to develop each strategic component intentionally. Key strategic elements include:

  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Action Planning
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Market Research & Insights Creation

Research provides the foundation of information and insights you need to build a strong and thriving agency or consultancy with a marketing and branding strategy that serves and resonates with your key clients. Areas of expertise include:

  • Traditional Market Research
  • Consumer & Shopper Insights
  • Brand Insights & Awareness
  • Customer Experience Insights
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