Value Proposition Development

Value proposition development based on the intersection of brand strategy and target market insights is essential for successful marketing strategy development. What is it that you deliver overall, and how does it resonate across your priority target segments? You have seconds – if you’re lucky – to catch your target consumer’s eye and convey something meaningful to them so that they take the next step, whether that’s reading more or taking action.

Developing the right positioning statement and differentiators is an iterative process that takes into account all of the work done to this point. With a solid branding strategy and market segmentation in place, you have the right inputs for high-impact value proposition development.

Insight-Driven, Impact-Focused Value Prop Development

As an insights and strategy firm, we help our clients zero in on and validate:

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Overarching Value Proposition Messaging

The goal is to create a simple overarching message that will clearly articulate what your brand delivers in a way that is meaningful across priority market segments. It often has a few layers, including a primary headline, a secondary subhead, and a short description no longer than a paragraph. This copy will serve various functions, from website positioning to PR and advertising. It also functions as talking points for your employees. Your headline also often doubles as a tagline.

Differentiators and Value Drivers

Our research and insights factor strongly in the development of differentiators or value drivers. Drilling down from the overarching value proposition development, we help our clients identify and describe the things that make them unique AND matter to the markets they seek to serve. Once developed, we often conduct further research to test the strength and impact with specific target segments to ensure that our insights lead us in the right direction, and tweak to strengthen the impact.

Value Proposition and Positioning for Marketing Strategy

You know who you are. You know who they are. You know how to position yourself and why they will engage, try and/or buy. Now, all you need is a solid marketing strategy to promote and sell your brand and to engage and convert customers. No problem. Like all the other steps, you’re going to need your insights. These steps often overlap and integrate. By the time you get to this stage, your marketing strategy is in the works.