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Clear Insight.

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We deliver greater clarity through research and strategy for B2C, B2B, and agencies with clients that operate in a variety of industries.

Industries & Clients Served

Marketing & Branding Services

We mix and match foundational marketing and branding research and strategy services according to each client’s needs and areas of focus.

  • Marketing Research & Insights – foundational research services to uncover insight.

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy – research analysis, brand development, and target marketing strategy development.

  • Insights for Growth – supporting agencies and consultancies through insight-driven business development.

  • Strategic Clarity Offerings – Brand Story Development, Customer Profile Development & Market Landscape Development. Learn more here.

Our Approach

Our work is grounded in marketing and branding research and is known for extensive expertise in revealing insight for strategic corporate and agency marketing and branding efforts. Often collaborating with agency partners to take client projects to the next level, our insights underpin customer-driven products and services, effective targeting and segmentation, and strong customer engagement.

Through custom marketing research, relevant consumer insight, and informed marketing practices, we work closely with our clients to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Our marketing and branding insights allow our clients to hone their strategies, understand and connect with customers, grow their firms, and deliver exceptional customer experience.


Thought Leadership, Subject Matter Expertise

Overcoming the Innovation Killers: How to innovate products that thrill customers and break through the chaotic marketplace (March 2021)

The CLARITY approach to overcoming the innovation killers is specifically designed to create the clarity required to create great ideas that meet the consumer’s real needs and can break through the chaos in the marketplace. Learn about overcoming innovation killers by aligning therapeutic remedies to address them.

Three Wise Monkeys: How a culture of clarity created transformative success (Available spring 2022)

This book shares the primary fears and challenges that marketing and branding professionals face in their respective companies that limits their success. Establishing a business case for the need of insights, it provides solutions and direction for activities related to each of the primary fears and challenges to create a culture of clarity in the organization to deliver transformative financial benefits.

More on the Books


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Strategy Development

Agency & Consultancy

Check Out Our Work

We are proud of our work generating insight and strategy for specific clients and for broader audiences. Because of the strategic nature of what we do, we can’t always reveal all the details, but we are pleased to share samples, as well as key concepts and results of representative projects.

Client Example
The Insights


“Dennis Devlin and CLARITY Research & Strategy completed the first annual Client Satisfaction survey for my company, MACKEY. I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with them. It all started with Dennis deeply listening to what I truly wanted to understand about our clients, moved to a highly collaborative survey design process, and then a completely hands-off survey administration process (I didn’t need one more thing on my plate) and finished with an abundance of highly valuable insights presented to me in an easily digestible way. Working with Dennis, you don’t just get data, you gain wisdom. I feel I have more insights into what my clients want and where I need to improve our business than ever before. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dennis and CLARITY Research & Strategy for any market/client research needs.”

Sarah Grace Mohr, Chief Operating Officer, Mackey

“Dennis Devlin and CLARITY Research & Strategy have helped the Covington Business Council not only poll our members but help us better understand how we need to better serve them. Dennis is a great ally if your organization truly needs to know what its stakeholders value about your organization. He has become a respected voice for the value and use of market research.”

Pat Frew, Executive Director, Covington Business Council

“CLARITY Research & Strategy is an absolute best-in-class research partner. In addition to an incredible depth of expertise and experience in the field, they deliver outstanding insights and results that create the foundation for game-changing strategies and campaigns. He provides outstanding input that makes the deliverables resulting from his findings and insights better and more impactful.”

Kat Jenkins, Director of Markerting, Barnes Dennig

“Working collaboratively on Hispanic quantitative research projects, CLARITY Research & Strategy brings an excellent level of experience in study design, methodologies, and sampling. I like their ability to make recommendations based on the overall main objectives and budget limitations that at times can be challenging. Dennis Devlin’s positive attitude and flexibility are a tremendous plus.”

Rafael Hernandez, Founder, Hispanic Marketing Insights

“I brought Dennis Devlin (and CLARITY Research & Strategy) into multiple branding initiatives because of their research expertise in millennials. At every step, he brought intelligence, strategic insight, experience, and professionalism to the research and the branding process. My team could not have created such strategic work without their deep consumer insights. I highly recommend them!”

Jackie Roberto, Founding Partner & Creative Director, Madison Design

“Dennis Devlin (and his firm, CLARITY Research & Strategy) is strategic, knowledgeable, creative, thorough, and is responsive to meeting deadlines. I have worked with Dennis on several initiatives, and he has exceeded my expectations.”

Bryan Holland, New Business Development, Holland Adhaus

“Dennis Devlin (and CLARITY Research & Strategy) is such an asset to Cincinnati’s business community, giving his time and expertise simply because he’s passionate about his work and wants to contribute something positive to the world.”

Lisa Jonas, Operations and Program Director, Goering Center

“Dennis Devlin is a real pro who listens to his clients. He takes extra time to make sure he completely understands the study and then directs to the best methods for finding needed information.”

Michelle Sjogren, Associate VP Strategic Communications' , Bluegrass Community College & Technical School

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