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Driving New Marketing Messages or Product Innovation: A Marketing Noir

“The rain had just called it quits, and I was walking down a narrow street in the city that never dried up. The asphalt shimmered with a fresh coat of water, and my brogues tapped out a lonely rhythm on the wet pavement. The scent of wet concrete and the far-off tang of an ocean mixed like cheap cologne. It was a night made for secrets and old memories to crawl out of the sewers. Streetlights turned the rain puddles into little pots of molten gold, and my shadow, long and gaunt, trailed behind me like a weary ghost.

“Ahead, a weary red brick building emerged from the mist. It wasn’t just old; it was ancient, a relic from a time when men wore fedoras without a hint of irony. I reached for the brass handle, feeling the weight of every tarnished year. The door creaked open with the sound of a thousand whispered secrets.

“Inside, the dim lobby whispered its own kind of quiet. An elevator waited, the cage-like contraption daring me to step inside. I obliged. With a pull of the iron gate and a flick of the switch, the thing groaned and shook like a geriatric beast, moving up through the bowels of the building.

“As the elevator reached the fifth floor, it shuddered to a halt. The gate reluctantly gave way, and I stepped into a dim hallway lined with doors that had seen better days. I could almost hear the whispered dealings behind each one.

“At the end of the hall, there she was – door 505. A simple wooden frame with frosted glass that read “Conference Room”. I adjusted my trench coat and opened the door.

“Inside, a long mahogany table bore witness to the ghosts of countless meetings. The chairs, adorned in red velvet, were as empty as the dreams that had once filled them. A single, rain-streaked window painted the room in shades of melancholy.

“In a few minutes eight strangers would enter this room. They would answer questions, share their experiences. From that discussion, I would solve a mystery and I’m the only one who can. You see, I’m a researcher and It’s all up to me.”

Digging Deep for Insights

Unearthing a potential new communication or product offering for your target audience can be as intriguing and challenging as a noir detective trying to solve a mystery. The clues are there, scattered around, and it’s your job to piece them together to reveal the answer. For the researcher it’s not quite that simple. The clues are scattered throughout the customers’ experience and thinking. It takes the same tough-as-nails commitment as a hardened gumshoe to uncover those clues.

1 – Case Assignment: Recognizing the Need

Our story begins when a new case lands on the detective’s desk. The detective knows there’s a mystery to be solved: the need for a new product offering or communication message in the market. Like the spark that initiates any good noir tale, recognizing the need for innovation and/or communication is the first step. This could be driven by changing customer behaviors, emerging trends, or an identified gap in the market.

2 – Gathering Clues: Market Research

Like any detective, the next step is to gather clues. This is where market research comes in. The detective would hit the streets, talking to sources, and scouring the scene for information. In the same vein, you’ll need to dive into your audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points. This could involve surveys, interviews, or focus groups. Every piece of data, every customer feedback, is a potential clue leading you towards your new offering.

3 – Piercing Together the Evidence: Analysis

With a pile of clues at hand, the detective retreats to the dimly lit office, unrolls a large piece of paper on the desk, and begins connecting the dots. Similarly, analysis is where you piece together the evidence. You’re looking for patterns and trends, insights that point towards what your new offering could be. This step might involve SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, or predictive modeling. It’s a process of synthesis, turning raw data into actionable insights.

4 – The Big Reveal: Identifying the Offering

At the climax of our noir tale, the detective finally cracks the case. The clues lineup, and the solution becomes clear. Often the scene in a noir film is one of gathering all those involved together and laying out all the evidence and what it means. In your business journey, this is the moment when you identify the messaging opportunity or new potential offering. It’s an offering that meets your audience’s needs, aligns with market trends, and fits within your company’s capabilities. Or it’s an approach to messaging that will connect with your audience. It’s the answer to the mystery you’ve been trying to solve.

5 – Closing the Case: Testing the Offering

Finally, just as a detective would present their findings to the chief, you’ll need to test your insight. This might involve creating a minimum viable product (MVP), running a pilot launch, or seeking early customer feedback. This stage allows you to verify your solution and make necessary adjustments before the full-scale launch.

Solving the Mystery of the Next Marketing Step

Investigating a new potential offering is a thrilling journey of discovery, much like a noir detective’s quest to solve a case. It involves recognizing the need, gathering clues, piecing together the evidence, identifying the offering, and testing it. So, put on your detective hat, and get ready to solve the mystery of your next market step. Afterall, is that, as the great Sam Spade said, “The stuff that dreams are made of?”

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